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    Destileria Limtuaco Museum: Intramuros’ Liquor Hideaway

    Many people usually associate Intramuros with being the center of government and the Catholic faith during the Spanish colonial period and, in modern times, a center of education and where seafarers stay. But recently, a new and “different” facet of Intramuros was unveiled to the public early this year: that of a “liquor hideaway.” No it is not a liquor distillery that opened in the area. Rather it is a museum dedicated to a liquor distillery. Not just any wine distillery mind you but one of the country’s top distilleries: the Destileria Limtuaco.

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    ASEAN and the Parian

    This year, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Coinciding with this momentous occasion, the 31st ASEAN Summit is being held here in Manila this week until November 15, prompting protests, heavy traffic, and a former beauty queen committing serious traffic violation. But in the spirit of this historic occasion, let’s focus instead to what this site does best: urban roaming of course. In relation to the ASEAN theme going on in the metropolis, today the Urban Roamer takes you right between the walls of Intramuros where one of the Walled City’s defenses once stood. Where now stands an open park that, among others, is…

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    Santo Domingo Church in Intramuros

    October every year is a special occasion for one of the metropolis’ most prominent Catholic churches. In particular, this church celebrates two important occasions: the feast day of its Marian patron and the anniversary of its establishment in its current location. And what is this church is the Urban Roamer referring to? Why, it is none other than the Santo Domingo Church in Quezon City, considered to be the one of the largest Catholic churches in Metro Manila. For us to better appreciate the significance of this landmark, it is important for us to learn its history. For that, we have to first visit the Walled City that is Intramuros in…

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