• City of Manila,  Roamer's Roundup

    Future Hall of Justice? The Uncertain Future of the GSIS Building in Manila

    There is a popular saying that goes something like “justice delayed is justice denied.” In a sense, such saying can be applied to this painfully long-drawn-out story that is the quest for Manila to have a Hall of Justice or a separate courthouse building where its scattered courtrooms can be finally under one roof, so to speak. But new developments have come up recently which should be a reason to be a bit hopeful. Finally, the Supreme Court has allocated funds for the Hall of Justice to be finally built as bidding the project is being done at this writing. A site for this structure has already been determined as…

  • Pasay

    The Art Museum at the GSIS Financial Center

    October happens to be “Museum and Galleries Month.” In commemoration of this occasion, the Urban Roamer decided to pay a visit to one of the city’s more overlooked museums. And that says something considering the situation here currently that museums here aren’t placed high in the must-visit list among locals. Today, we visit the GSIS Financial Center in the reclaimed area that is part of the CCP Complex in Pasay City, headquarters of the Government Service Insurance System, (GSIS) the social insurance institution catering to government employees. The building is actually a Marcos-era structure that was completed in 1985, but it was not fully utilized until 9 years later, when…

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