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    Introducing GrabCar

    Ever since it hit the Philippine market in 2013, GrabTaxi has risen to be one of the most popular transport apps in the market. To say the least, it made its mark in the urban landscape, making a dent in the way taxi commuting has been done. That’s not to say that it has problems, something that I myself have experienced whenever I use it. Probably the one complaint I have that many others share is the unavailability of GrabTaxi units in certain times, especially during rush hour. That is something the folks at GrabTaxi acknowledge and are working in addressing this issue. Part of addressing it is related to…

  • random writings

    The Urban Roamer at the Blogapalooza 2013

    The Urban Roamer had the opportunity the check out one of the biggest events of the year specially targeting bloggers like myself, the Blogapalooza 2013, my first time to be attending such an event. And I never realized how interesting and fun such an event was, especially with the freebies and other perks attending bloggers get to receive like gift certificates, food, and other prizes courtesy of the featured businesses at the event. After all, the event itself aims to bring bloggers and these businesses together in this new age of interactivity, social media, digital marketing, and everything else in between.

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