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    Philippine Travel Mart 2014

    We are often reminded that we should not be foreign to our native land, (translated from the local saying “huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan”) emphasizing the importance of being able to at least appreciate the sights and sounds that our country has to offer. While it is pretty much a given that needs no prodding, we tend to be either overwhelmed or unaware as to what is there to see in the country. Thanks to events like the recently-concluded Philippine Travel Mart, we get to know a bit more about these different sights and sounds, providing an opportunity for us to experience them ourselves thanks to the numerous travel…

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    CSR Expo 2014

    Normally, there is this perception that big businesses only have profits in their mind and could not care less for the welfare of the people. While that perception has factual basis to it to some extent, it must be stressed that not all companies are that cold and heartless, minding more about how they will earn rather than how they could help. In fact, some of them have made significant contributions in advancing the welfare of the nation. Such facet of the business is known more as “corporate social responsibility” or CSR. These CSR initiatives are highlighted in an annual event called the CSR Expo, which recently had its 13th…

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    Checked Out: MAFBEX 2014

    There are a number of food-related trade events every year one should not miss, especially if you are a “foodie.” One of them would be the Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) which just held its 2014 edition last June 11-13. And yes, the Urban Roamer checked that one out recently. First things first, I find it weird to have such a known event not being held within a weekend date as many trade fairs do. Perhaps the organizers may have taken into consideration that one of the dates is a holiday, but still…anyway, moving on

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