• City of Manila,  Roamer's Roundup

    TRO on Torre de Manila (In Time for Rizal’s Birthday)

    Today happens to be the birthday of the Philippines’ National Hero, Jose Rizal. It feels so apt to talk about the development that happened  a few days ago which seemed to be intentionally done as a birthday gift of sorts to Rizal. I’m talking about the temporary restraining order issued by the Supreme Court against our favorite developer DMCI to stop the construction activity going on at the “national photobomber,” the 46-storey Terror, este Torre de Manila.

  • Taguig

    Casa Real at Acacia Estates: A Piece of Old Manila in New Taguig

    Located in the developing city of Taguig near the old sprawling military complex of Fort Bonifacio, Acacia Estates is a massive development project of DMCI. Yup, that same DMCI who’s behind that monstrosity near Rizal Park that sticking out like an ugly sore thumb. But in fairness to them in this case, Acacia Suites does not have any controversy in its development, at least from what I’ve heard of. By itself, Acacia Estates is a complex of clusters of mid-rise residences which is itself its own with various facilities, stores, even a supermarket within its premises. But perhaps the structure that stands out in this modern urban development is its…

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