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    A Tribute to Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya

    With less than three months to go before the end of the glorious administration of Benigno Aquino III, it is but apt on this April Fools Day to pay tribute to one of the greatest cabinet officials of his administration, Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya. How can the Urban Roamer pay tribute to his legacy without mentioning his illustrious lineage as the great grandson of the greatest president ever Emilio Aguinaldo. So what if Aguinaldo is accused of killing Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna? Those are just unfounded accusations of a biased liberal media and internet, you hear me? But I digress…sorry about that. Being a Cornell University graduate, Sec. Abaya has proven…

  • Roamer's Roundup

    An Eyesore’s Removal and An Incompetent’s Non-Removal

    This first bit of roundup news is, disclaimer, a news item yet to be confirmed by the party/ies in question. Nevertheless, it is something of a good news to start things off. Reports say that Ayala Land is currently looking at possibly acquiring the “chaka” (Filipino gay lingo for cheap, though in this case, it’s more of an extravagant waste) Makati eyesore that is the  unfinished JAKA Tower along Ayala Avenue. (one cannot resist doing that “chaka” and “JAKA” wordplay, no?)

  • Roamer's Roundup


    With so many problems Metro Manila’s Line 3 mass transit rail system is having for…God knows how long, it has become a tiring and uneasy job for me to write about yet another issue about this darned rail line. Especially if you have been keeping abreast with the news about the metropolitan mass transit system for a long while now, which in my case, precedes that of the Urban Roamer. (which is turning 5 soon, but that’s another matter altogether) But what happened last Wednesday afternoon, August 13, is something for the books. Who would have thought we would get to this record low? Maybe some of us did and…

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