• Makati

    Christmas in the City 2014: the Christmas spectacle at Ayala Triangle

    If you live in the urban landscape of Metropolitan Manila, especially if you frequent the Makati Central Business District area, you know that the Christmas season is in the air when you see the Ayala Triangle Park dressed up in those shining, dancing, multi-colored lights that have become a yearly Yuletide attraction. The tradition lives on this year as the  Ayala Triangle Christmas lights and sound show formally opened last November 12 to delight spectators anew and remind everyone that Christmas is upon us once more and it is time to get excited/stressed yet again.

  • Special Feature

    Christmas in the City 2013

    As the year 2013 draws to a close, it is customary for many to look back at what has transpired in this year. For many, especially us Filipinos, 2013 has been a year of upheavals as the country faced a midterm election, worsening corruption, and the whammy of natural calamities that befell especially in the central part of the country. These calamities, especially that of the wrath of the Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) wrought destruction in proportions that was unprecedented in recent years that it seems that it will take some more time before recovery in this area can be achieved. While Metro Manila was spared of such destruction…

  • Quezon City,  San Juan

    Christmas in the city: the moving Christmas displays

    It was 52 Christmases ago when a small department store located along Rizal Avenue in Manila thought of a creative gimmick to entice prospective shoppers to go to their store. Without much funds to do advertisements on print and radio, Alex Rosario thought of putting up a belly dancer plaster doll which was fitted to the motor of an electric fan to make it move. It became a hit for his department store known as Manila C.O.D. Who would have thought that this simple marketing strategy would be the beginning of what would become a well-loved Christmas tradition? Who would have foreseen that it would soon evolve into a tradition…

  • Mandaluyong

    Christmas in the city: the Christmas spectacle at Policarpio St.

    As part of this year’s Christmas in the city 2009 series, the Urban Roamer takes you to one of the most famous streets in the metropolis during this season.   Located within the vicinity of Barangay New Zaniga in Mandaluyong City, is a street known as F. Policarpio. I have yet to find out who exactly is F. Policarpio but I can surmise he’s some Mandaluyong politician or some prominent figure there. While it looks just like any other middle-class neighboorhood typical here in the metropolis, this neighborhood shows a different face every Yuletide season. A face some may find too flamboyant or extravagant. But hey, it’s the Christmas season…

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