• Marikina

    Loyola Memorial Park Marikina: The Prominent Final Resting Place in the East

    As has been the “tradition” for the past 8 years or so, it is that time of year once more for the Urban Roamer to visit one of those places in the metropolis dedicated to the “dearly departed.” This year’s trip found this Roamer on the metropolis’ eastern end to visit perhaps the most prominent burial place in this part of the metropolis, the Loyola Memorial Park Marikina. Inaugurated in 1965, the Loyola Memorial Park became known as one of the pioneers in introducing the concept of a “memorial park”, along with it the Western and contemporary practice of lawn burials. It can be said that it was the east’s…

  • San Juan

    Santuario del Santo Cristo: San Juan’s Original Church

    The city of San Juan has a rich history in itself, dating back to the days of the Spanish colonial period when it was known before as San Juan del Monte or the town of St. John (the Baptist) of the mountain, owing to San Juan’s hilly elevation. Its storied past is something we will be getting to in the future from time to time but for starters, the Urban Roamer shall take you to the place where the city was born. Contrary to the belief of some, the church of San Juan we are referring to here is not the one located near Pinaglabanan, the one officially named St.…

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