• Special Feature

    Cyberpreneur Philippines: Soon Off the Shelves

    It started with a blog post I published here in The Urban Roamer early this year. Soon enough, it got quite a lot of attention that a book publisher contacted me to contribute for an upcoming publication based on my original blog post. After some back and forth with the publisher, I eventually agreed to take part in it. The rest, they say, is history. And history was indeed made with the release of that aforementioned publication, a groundbreaking book called Cyberpreneur Philippines. The publication of this book is quite a personal milestone for me. For one, I am now considered a published author, even if I wrote just a…

  • Checked Out

    A Tale of Two Book Warehouse Sale Events

    August seems to be a favorite month for bookstores here to do their book sale events. Not sure why it’s so. In any case, these events and next month’s Manila International Book Fair mark a particular season here that time of the year that bibliophiles look forward to each year. And make no mistake there, bibliophiles are not a small, insignificant demographic. A visit to these events would elicit at least a surprise and a realization just how much of underrated sector is the bibliophile sector. And actually, the Urban Roamer did just that: a visit to the two major book sale events happening this month.

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