• Checked Out

    Last Saturday at Bonifacio High Street

    The Urban Roamer found itself one Saturday (April 11 to be precise) at the area of Bonifacio Global City for some personal matters. So it was a pleasant surprise to see not one, but two events happening that day in the area, particularly at the area of Bonifacio High Street. So what else to do than to check them both out eh? Read on for more. VINYL DAY: FILLING MUSICAL APPETITES IN A CLASSIC WAY The Bonifacio High Street ampitheater area was the venue for an annual event called Vinyl Day, a day filled with music courtesy of the live acts as well as that in the records being sold…to be specific…

  • Taguig

    Via Crucis at Bonifacio High Street

    For Catholics, particularly in a country as predominantly Catholic as ours, the Lenten Season has been highly regarded as a special occasion to commemorate the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. To commemorate this occasion, one gets to witness a number of interesting Lenten traditions that are being practiced. One of which is the Via Crucis or the Way of the Cross, where one gets to go on some path and do a stopover on each “station” which portrays an event in Christ’s Passion and Death. (and in some versions, His Resurrection) These stations are portrayed in various ways depending where you wish to do the Via Crucis: it…

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