• Pasig

    the food bazaars at Ortigas Center

    It’s been a while since I wrote about Banchetto. And a lot have happened since then. Foremost of which was the end of the Banchetto at the former Emerald Avenue on May 7, 2011, which according to one of the organizers, was a result of “collateral damage” between the area’s barangay government (Brgy. San Antonio in this case) and Ortigas Center. For a time, the Banchetto Fridays were held near the Forum Robinsons Mall in Pioneer St. in Mandaluyong, where Banchetto has been holding an overnight food market every Wednesday and Thursday nights.

  • Pasig

    Benvenutto al Banchetto!*

    *Italian for “welcome to the banquet!” Banquets are considered a way of life in the country, most especially in occasions like feasts, parties, or other celebrations. Celebrations that last throughout the day and, at times, last overnight. Then again, overnight banquets are a rare occurence themselves. So who would have thought of a banquet being held throughout the night in a place as “dead at night” as a heart of a bustling business district. A banquet that is even being held overnight lasting to the morning at that. And it’s a weekly event to top that off. This is the weekly Friday night-Saturday morning at the heart of Ortigas Center,…

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