Solaire Expands

It’s been a while since the Urban Roamer visited Solaire Resort and Casino. But it’s good to know that Enrique Razon’s gaming venture in Entertainment City has been at work ever since to make itself better. After all, being the first to open in the area, it has somehow set a precedent as to how Entertainment City is going to be, not to mention it has to keep itself ahead, especially with the arrival of a new player there. (which we will get to in a future entry here)

Thus last November, Solaire opened a new addition to its entertainment complex, the Sky Tower, which seeks to give an additional vibe and character to the complex and top up on the current Solaire experience by making it better. How better? Let’s take a look.

17 storeys high, the Sky Tower consists of 317 hotel rooms, which are all suite rooms, VIP gaming rooms, plush meeting rooms, and an exclusive Chinese restaurant and cigar room for VIP guests.

Then there is the expansion’s, and Solaire’s as a whole, crown jewel attraction, the 1,760-seat lyric theatre called simply The Theatre, which recently offered the musical Chicago as one of its first performances in the venue.

The Theatre at Solaire (photo courtesy of Solaire Resort)

Even if you’re not staying at the hotel or play in one of those gaming rooms, you can check out the tower lobby and check out the beautiful interior design that was done there, with an indoor garden and manmade waterfalls to boot.

Then there are the artworks that one can see here courtesy of renowned Filipino artists, not to mention an open space devoted to art exhibits in the venue. Come to think, Solaire seems to be one of the few, if not the only, gaming venue that proudly highlights art, Filipino art at that, in its premises.

Metal sculpture by Bencab gracing the path to Sky Tower from the main building

the gallery at Solaire Sky Tower

It must be noted though that Sky Tower is just Phase 1a of the Solaire complex development. Plans are afoot for Solaire’s Phase 2 which would involve the construction of more gaming space, 3 hotels, retail space, and a 15,000-capacity events area.

For the meantime, it is good to see these new additions to Solaire, as well as some improvements. (shuttle service is a bit more organized now than it was during my last visit) It will be interesting to see what happens next as competition is making its way in grander manner. (again, that’s a story for another entry soon)


P.S. The Urban Roamer also checked out the fastfood area, which was closed during the last first visit. True to Solaire’s trademark flair, it is one of the best looking foodcourts one can find.

The food is really pricey, which is somehow expected in an area like this. But it is still nice to check out for a meal or just relax from the madness in the casino.

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