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roaming the neighborhood: Sikatuna, Teachers, and UP Villages

While Quezon City may not have ended up being the nation’s planned capital city as its “father” Manuel L. Quezon hoped it to be, it still managed to grow and develop, thanks in part to the various real estate developers who built village after village almost throughout the city after the war.

Some villages in particular were built east of the planned-but-ultimately-scrapped National Government center. One was named Sikatuna Village, after the Boholano chieftain who entered into a blood compact with conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565 as a sign of friendship that marked the early steps for Spanish colonization. North of Sikatuna is what is known as Teachers Village, which was put up as a housing project of sorts for the teachers. Further up is UP Village, which was set up as residence for employees who work in the nearby University of the Philippines campus in Diliman.

While most of the area still retains its old, quiet, residential flavor, commercial activity has somewhat increased over the years due to the sprouting of various establishments, particularly in the main thoroughfare that straddles these villages which is Maginhawa Street.* (Filipino for comfort)

*on a side note, most of the streets in these villages are named after various Filipino virtues like Magiting, (courageous)  Mapagkumbaba, (humble) and Makadios, (God-fearing) among others.

Maginhawa has become more popular in particular as a favorite neighborhood food haunt, thanks to the enterprising food joints found along the way, not to mention those on the nearby side streets too. It is also surprising to see the diverse specialties these establishments offer from casual dining to neighborhood cafes, even the carinderia type as well.

Pino Restaurant in Malingap St., near Maginhawa

It is also emerging as an alternative venue as a up-and-coming arts venue as well. It is one of the hidden gems of Quezon City that is slowly coming on its own. It’s up to one to discover what the area has to offer.

Bookay-Ukay Bookstore, one of the popular alternative bookstores in the area
Van Gogh is Bipolar and Black Soup Cafe+Artspace complex in Maginhawa

For more information on more spots to check out in the area, Spot.ph has a good directory of those places.

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