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remembering Water Fun Sta. Mesa

It was a hot and humid day in late October when the Urban Roamer decided to take a walk, passing along the GSIS Metrohomes.

Completed and started to be occupied by the early 1990’s, the GSIS Metrohomes were first conceived as low-cost housing solution. The buildings speak for themselves on that aspect, though they may have seen better days. One could not help notice the faded paint and be distracted by the  sight of clothes being hanged outside the windows. (is there anyone who does some checking for the buildings’ maintenance in the first place?)

If there was one thing that made up for the project’s shortcomings, back then it was proud to show off a water park complex located at the back of GSIS Metrohomes . Known as Water Fun, I believe it is one of the first, if not the first, water theme parks to be located in the metropolis itself.

A fanfare it did eventually create. All of the sudden, city folks like myself could now enjoy to a “resort” without the long travel times. It wasn’t an issue even though the park happened to be located right alongside the Pasig River, with the view of the oil depots on the other shore. In fact, its concept was so successful that 2 more Water Fun parks were set up in Fairview up north and Sucat down south.

Being near my place, I still have fond memories of spending some summers in the park and enjoy bathing in the pools, which if I recall correctly were 3: a kiddie-pool, a mid-level deep one, and a much deeper one. With slides and a pool playground, it was a fun place that I loved to go. Never mind if I didn’t know how to swim.

I don’t know why or how it happened but who at that time would even think that Water Fun’s days will be cut short? Did the location of the water park give negative perceptions? Did it just lose its appeal? Whatever the real score was, it led to a sad downward spiral for the park’s fate , eventually closing down before it can have a 10th anniversary. Even the 2 other Water Fun sites were also shut down for one reason or another.

Nowadays the old site of Water Fun is being used as a gated parking lot for vehicles. Such a sad end for a park that has become embedded as a memory of mine and others who were fortunate to have been there and had a good time.

the former Water Fun park

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