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A Christmas Food Festival at Maginhawa

It’s been a long while since the Urban Roamer last visited the then emerging food strip along Maginhawa Street, which traverses the neighborhoods of Sikatuna Village and Teachers Village. Since then, many things have changed in the neighborhood as business grew even more in the area with more restaurants opening up and more food choices being offered.

Thus, it was but proper that the Urban Roamer revisit this bustling area. And what better opportunity to do so than an event that was held last December 12 throughout the length of Maginhawa Street, the Quezon City Food Festival.

Organized mainly by the Quezon City Government, the Quezon City Food Festival is whole day event that lasts up to midnight which aims to showcase the diverse and bustling dining environment in the city. Considering that the area around Maginhawa Street has become the city’s de facto food capital of sorts, it is but proper to have this event held along this storied street.

This event is actually just the second year it was held. Also, the first Quezon City Food Festival last year was originally held as an event in conjunction with Quezon City’s founding anniversary in October. In fact, it was held in October 11, in the weekend of the aforementioned founding anniversary. I don’t know what happened that the event was now to be held in December as sort of a Christmas event now. But I have no issues there as a food festival is apt to hold during Christmas season, a time when parties, noche buenas, and media noches are aplenty and you still can’t get enough. (good luck on your weight there)

And if you can’t get enough, there is so much to check out throughout the street’s 2+ kilometer stretch, with the many restaurants lined up along the street but also the stalls in the middle of the street. If you are self-confessed foodie, this event would be for you.

What I appreciate most about the Quezon City Food Festival is that it is a food festival that everyone can enjoy to be at. People from different walks of life were enjoying the atmosphere and the variety of choices here. The prices especially are friendly for the budget-conscious foodie.

I suppose it helps that the area of Maginhawa Street is a true-blue middle class community. Where else can you see a food district where one can find a sari-sari store just a few blocks away or sometimes nearby a restaurant or dining place? That’s what makes this place special in its own right, a unique character that few food districts can match.

My congratulations to the Quezon City Government, the organizers, and the participants of this Quezon City Food Festival. Here’s looking forward to next year’s edition.

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