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Checked Out: MAFBEX 2014

There are a number of food-related trade events every year one should not miss, especially if you are a “foodie.” One of them would be the Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) which just held its 2014 edition last June 11-13. And yes, the Urban Roamer checked that one out recently.

First things first, I find it weird to have such a known event not being held within a weekend date as many trade fairs do. Perhaps the organizers may have taken into consideration that one of the dates is a holiday, but still…anyway, moving on

This year’s expo was held at the area of the World Trade Center Manila tent and the nearby Philippine Trade and Training Center. It featured some established names in the food industry, as well as some up-and-coming brands trying to make their mark in the industry. Each exhibitor presented some new food products or innovations that are hoped to catch on with the public.

Of course there are some special promotions being offered in this event, whether it’s a franchise opportunity, giveaways, or some special deals on their products.

The event also featured different culinary schools in Metro Manila showcasing the talents of their respective students in dining presentation and cake decoration.

Overall, it was a successful event despite the odd schedule. Here’s hoping for a great MAFBEX event next year, hopefully on a somewhat better schedule.

More photos from this event can accessed here on my Flickr

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