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LEGO Lovin’ at Resorts World Manila

I don’t know about you but to me and many others, there is this certain charm about LEGO toys that is irresistible regardless of the age you belong to. Perhaps it’s the concept of building something from those bricks and their ability to let our imaginations fly that makes them such fun things to play and build with.

With such a faithful and growing following over the years, it is but proper that there are events dedicated to this beloved brand. For the first time ever in the Philippines, a Lego-dedicated event was recently launched at Resorts World Manila with the opening of BRICKXHIBIT, which showcases the largest LEGO display opened to the public and the ABRICKcadabra, the first ever LEGO convention held in the country. For LEGO aficionados, it was about damn time.

Held from April 18 to May 3, BRICKXHIBIT 2015 boasts various LEGO displays showcasing various scenes and themes, from Star Wars to medieval settings to city scenes. There is even a Filipino-inspired LEGO street scene as you can see some famous establishments immortalized in LEGO.

One interesting thing about this exhibit is that it showcases not only the creativity in creating these worlds but also creativity in create some interesting artwork and technology using LEGO bricks, whether it is in robotics or even in visual arts.

There was also the one-day LEGO event held at the same venue last April 25 called the ABRICKcadabra, which as was mentioned earlier is the first Philippine LEGO convention ever held. The convention features some of the country’s avid LEGO aficionados showing off their unique creations and sharing their expertise on being able to create things with those colored LEGO bricks.

These events are organized by the country’s LEGO enthusiasts group, the Philippine LEGO Users Group or PHLUG. Our congratulations to them for being able to pull off such big LEGO events in the country for the first time and for creating greater awareness not only on the group and the work of its members but also on LEGO as creative tool and not just a children’s toy.

If this event made you more fond of LEGO or even if you are really fond of them to begin with, you’ll realize that there seems to be not enough of these awesome LEGO creations being shown. Hopefully, the future editions of these events would feature more LEGO creations from the creative minds of our LEGO-loving compatriots.

Since this is a LEGO-related entry, I feel obliged to close this out with this song we all know and love as LEGO fans.

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