The Sunday Market at Legazpi Village

Note: Truth be told, this entry has long been overdue. Nevertheless, its publication came just in time on the occasion of a related event…more on that ahead.

Weekends in the Makati CBD area can be pretty dull. After all, what is there to check out in area that thrives on the hustle and bustle of the people who go to work here mostly on weekdays? Come to think of it, I suppose it can be considered the underlying reason why weekend markets in the city have been set up and are doing pretty well thanks to a growing patronage not only among the villagers, (the real ones like Bel-Air and San Lorenzo, as well as the ones in name only like Salcedo and Legazpi) as well as others folks who make the effort to check them out.

The Urban Roamer already checked out the Saturday Market at Salcedo so today, we check out the Sunday Market this time, held at the Legazpi Village at the southern part of the Makati CBD.

The Legazpi Sunday Market is a fairly young endeavor compared to the Saturday Salcedo Market. Nevertheless, it has grown so much over the years since it first opened its doors in 2005 as more businesses set up shop there weekly to showcase their products, whether it may be some unique food item, intricate home furnishings, an organic product, or other items that may take one’s fancy.

Of course, it is unavoidable that comparisons, or perhaps a bit of rivalry, would be drawn between this and the one in Salcedo. While that may be a case, it is all in the spirit of promoting the Makati CBD as a place to go to, even on a weekend. Also the presence of both markets has helped entrepreneurs promote their business better. In fact a number of these business have a presence on both weekend markets. So that is not a problem.

The Legazpi Sunday Market is held at the Legazpi Village parking area along Rufino Street (check our Database to see it on the map) so do check them out one of these Sundays.


But if you are in Glorietta this week, you can actually experience a taste of the Legazpi Sunday Market at the Glorietta Activity Center as Barangay San Lorenzo (the barangay that Legazpi Village is under) is holding a special trade expo.

Organized by the Barangay San Lorenzo Business Association, the event aims to showcase the various entrepreneurial efforts that have come out from this barangay and/or from efforts it has organized, like the Legazpi Sunday Market. Thus, a great number exhibitors of this fair happen to have a presence as well at the Legazpi Sunday Market.


But I suppose this trade fair is an opportunity to showcase their products to a wider audience. So do check them out and see the various, unique products the exhibitors effort and patronize their efforts as well.

You can check out my Flickr page for some photos from this trade fair.


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