Greenfield Weekend Market: A Weekend Market in the Greens

Weekend markets in the eastern side of the metropolis have been growing in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to such events first organized at Ortigas Center by Banchetto, which has since then transferred to the area near Forum Robinsons in southeastern Mandaluyong. Since then, there have been a number of other weekend market venues there in the east, though few has yet to match the legacy of the former. Perhaps, the closest that would have rivalled Banchetto would be the weekend market set up by Mercato Centrale in the area of Greenfield District (right around the corner of EDSA and Shaw Boulevard) called Manda Centrale.

Unfortunately, despite the Mercato name, Manda Centrale fizzled out after a few months like a number of Mercato locations outside Bonifacio Global City. Which was a shame since Greenfield District is itself a bustling commercial area that benefited from heavy foot traffic that goes all the way up to the busy Ortigas Center nearby. Nevertheless, the seeds of a weekend market venture have been planted; on March 2014, Greenfield District opened a weekend market of its own: the Greenfield Weekend Market.

Open from 4 PM to midnight every Saturday, one thing going for the Greenfield Weekend Market is its location.Its location is right at the district’s open green field called the Central Park. Visitors could either dine at one of the tables set there, or they can go on a picnic mode and dine at the greens, something that is rare to enjoy doing in a rapidly-urbanized environment.

And being in the greens is an opportunity as well to do things like playing with bubbles.

As for the merchandise, as with every weekend market, there are a lot of food choices available to satisfy the cravings of almost every food palate.

In addition to the processed food items, one can also find some fresh produce as well.

But what makes the Greenfield Weekend Market interesting is that it aims to be more than just a regular weekend market, which a number of weekend markets ended up being. (just about food and not much else) It aims to be a market in the true sense of the word by having other merchandise as well like ornamental plants, clothes, fashion accessories, and even vintage items like LPs, newspapers, and other stuff.

This weekend market puts focus as well on showcasing artistic creations, whether it’s fashion, home decoration, or clothing..

Speaking of artists, there are also stalls devoted to visual artists who are eager to showcase their craft with their paintings and even photographs as well.

As with a number of weekend market venues these days, there is entertainment available courtesy of the performers for the night. That night the Urban Roamer was there, there was band performing instrumental hits, which gave a smooth vibe of atmosphere that night.

With so much to offer and  a nice, vibrant atmosphere to boot, the Greenfield Weekend Market is one weekend market that deserves to be checked out on a weekend. But don’t take the Urban Roamer’s word for it. Drop by and experience an interesting weekend market experience in this part of the metropolis.


More photos can be seen over at the Urban Roamer’s Flickr

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