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“Est. 1571” A Multimedia Exhibit

The Urban Roamer appreciates art, though that appreciation is admittedly not on the same levels as that of the art connoisseurs. Nevertheless, I could not miss checking out the opening night last Friday of this particular multimedia art exhibit at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Apartments, thanks to the invitation of fellow heritage advocate and blogger Paolo Bustamante of The Filipinas. (which I highly recommend you check out)

The exhibit is actually a project of Mr. Bustamante and his Multimedia Arts batchmates at the College of St. Benilde called “Est. 1571.” As some of you may have surmised from the title, the exhibit is all about Manila, the capital city established in 1571.

Okay, some may already have doubts seeing the words “Manila” and “Benilde” together, but the multimedia exhibit should make one reconsider all those preconceived notions. These Benilde students no doubt, share a passion for the city, with a deep sense of appreciation for its heritage and character in the midst of the issues and challenges it is facing today.

It also provided a showcase for these students to show their artistic talents conveyed in the digital realm. I must say, they are promising artists who could shape the future of creative arts in the country.

The opening night itself was held in true Manila-style fashion, with snacks like “kornik,” puto, kutsinta, and cocktails were served. There was also some acoustic music performed by independent musicians as well.

indie music artist Carlos Castaño during a performance at the venue

The exhibit ran on only until Sunday unfortunately. Nevertheless, congratulations to the young men and women behind this exhibit. May your zeal be an inspiration for the revitalization of Manila that all of us yearn for.

Paolo Bustamante of The Filipinas with the Urban Roamer

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