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It’s Earth Hour Once More

On Saturday, March 29, the world will once again turn off their lights for 1 hour as part of a global event called Earth Hour.

And of course, the Philippines is taking part in it.

Initiated back in 2004 by World Wildlife Fund in Australia, Earth Hour is an event that aims to promote awareness about the environmental issues our planet facing, particularly the issue of climate change.

This year’s Earth Hour is about being a hero for the planet. What better way to emphasize this year’s theme by having the cast of the upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to promote the event. Too bad, they couldn’t get the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier to promote it too.

Since the Philippines is an active supporter of Earth Hour, expect a number of establishments in the country, especially in the metropolis, to switch off their lights from 8;30 PM to 9;30 PM.

However, this is a voluntary event so no one is nor should be forced to switch off their lights during that time. Supporting a cause like for the environment is something that should be expressed naturally through awareness rather than coercion.

Lastly, helping the environment does not just involve turning off the lights for one hour. It is a lifetime commitment that we all must do not just for ourselves, but for the generations to follow. Earth Hour is just a symbolic gesture that will not mean much if we don’t follow through with our actions.

Let us all stand for Mother Earth, our planet and our home, not just for one hour.

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