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CSR Expo 2014

Normally, there is this perception that big businesses only have profits in their mind and could not care less for the welfare of the people. While that perception has factual basis to it to some extent, it must be stressed that not all companies are that cold and heartless, minding more about how they will earn rather than how they could help. In fact, some of them have made significant contributions in advancing the welfare of the nation.

Such facet of the business is known more as “corporate social responsibility” or CSR. These CSR initiatives are highlighted in an annual event called the CSR Expo, which recently had its 13th annual expo at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati.

The event was organized by the League of Corporate Foundations. (LCF) As the name suggests, the LCF is the umbrella group which many corporate foundations belong to.

The expo featured booths of different corporate foundations, non-government organizations, and other social welfare groups with their different advocacies and programs that they spearhead for the betterment of their respective communities: education, livelihood, environment, among others.

Metrobank Foundation’s main thrust in education and relief efforts
leading food chain Jollibee’s advocacy is food security and aid
Villar Foundation focuses on livelihood
PLDT-Smart’s endeavors for sports and education, among others

UN High Commission for Refugees has a booth in the expo to raise awareness about the plight of refugees in the country, especially due to conflicts

Each exhibitor showcased the various programs made under their CSR initiatives, not to mentions the achievements they have made thus far.

As staggering as these achievements may be to learn, admittedly, there is still so much needed to be done as the challenges continue to grow for these groups as they continue their CSR efforts. At a time when government, admittedly, can only do so much in meeting these challenges, I hope these groups continue these CSR efforts in filling the gaps, so to speak.

More importantly, this should serve as an inspiration and a challenge for other companies and groups to start their own CSR initiatives for their respective communities as a way of giving back to the people and somehow make a contribution in improving their overall welfare and of the country as a whole.


More photos from this expo can be found on the Urban Roamer’s Flickr

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