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At the western end of the Far Eastern University Manila campus is what can be perhaps called the flagship building and the oldest in the campus: the Nicanor Reyes Hall, named of course after the founder of the university. It also represented best the campus’s Art Deco flavor with its grandiose facade that is still intact in the face of the city’s changing landscape. Designed by National Artist Pablo Antonio and completed in 1939, it also has arcade walkways that are common among many buildings along Recto Avenue and Quezon Blvd. where it is situated.

The campus itself has been elevated many times as a way to cope with the flooding in the area, to the point that it had already obscured the “FEU” mark found on the western gate.

Inside the building is another piece of artwork: Malayan Heritage by Simon Saulog.

One fun thing you can do while in the FEU campus is doing a little game I’d like to call “spot the FEU,” stylized and creatively carved FEU markings found throughout the campus which is another testament to the campus’ unabashed Art Deco influence.

Right beside the Nicanor Reyes Hall is the Alfredo Reyes Hall, named after the son of the founder of FEU. One noteworthy aspect of the Alfredo Reyes Hall is the parent-child aspect with Nicanor Reyes Hall, not only because of the relationship I mentioned earlier, but also the relationship between the architects of the 2 buildings, the Alfredo Reyes Hall being the work of Pablo Antonio Jr., the son of Pablo Antonio of the Nicanor Reyes Hall. Coincidence? Methinks not. HR courses are based in this building.

Right across the Arts Building is the Sciences Building which is also of the International Style of architecture. Like the Arts Building, its present height is lower than the original as it had to be “downsized” due to earthquake concerns.

Student Pavillion
miniature botanical garden at the campus

At the campus’s southeast end are the Law, Nursing, and Education buildings. The Law and Nursing buildings in particular used to be the Boys’ High School, built in 1940.

The Nursing building has a scenic elevator, which is not quite commonly found in campuses. On a more sober note, it was on the 7th floor of this building where poet and painter Maningning Miclat jumped to her death almost 10 years ago on September 29, 2000.

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