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Christmas in the City 2013

As the year 2013 draws to a close, it is customary for many to look back at what has transpired in this year. For many, especially us Filipinos, 2013 has been a year of upheavals as the country faced a midterm election, worsening corruption, and the whammy of natural calamities that befell especially in the central part of the country. These calamities, especially that of the wrath of the Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) wrought destruction in proportions that was unprecedented in recent years that it seems that it will take some more time before recovery in this area can be achieved.

While Metro Manila was spared of such destruction this year, there is no doubt that what happened in Central Philippines reverberates in the metropolis and all over the country. So much so that Christmas this year is a bit more different this time around. There are still the maddening crowds, shopping sprees, and crazy traffic all over the city. But aside from that, the celebrations seem to be a bit more low-key, with a number of companies opting for less grandiose Christmas parties and decorations not as bright and colorful like they used to.. (then again, it may be because of the electricity rates going up) Even the colorful light and sound shows at Ayala Triangle Park this year are a bit downplayed in character this year.

While it can be taken in a way as a sign of mourning, it is more of a sign of being one in spirit with the countrymen affected. some have opted that the money to be spent on what are supposed to be lavish Christmas parties and presentations will be given instead as aid to the victims of the calamities.

There may not be much glitter to see or grand spectacles to behold this season. Some may complain of the lack of that “Christmas vibe” this year. Then again, Christmas is beyond those visuals. More than ever, let us not forget the true spirit of the season and that we not fail in sharing that spirit to others who may not feel like celebrating that Christmas spirit right now.

A very blessed, wonderful, and joyous Christmas to one and all!

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