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Bracing for Typhoon Ruby

I remember that before, strong typhoons are not usually expected to hit the country during November-December. Unfortunately, and sadly, this is no longer the case these days as the climate change phenomenon of recent decades has messed up our planet’s climate, causing strong typhoons to hit our shores even during a period when it was traditionally considered a non-typhoon season.

Tacloban, Leyte after Typhoon Yolanda, 2013 (courtesy of Inquirer)

One should not look further than check out the country’s typhoon history for the past 3 years. 2011’s Sendong and 2012’s Pablo hit Mindanao in December and there was Yolanda  in November last year which struck the Visayas in particular.

This year, yet another strong typhoon is being watched as Typhoon Ruby has just entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility. With winds of more than 300 kph, it has been described as a supertyphoon nearing the strength of Yolanda/Haiyan. It doesn’t too that the typhoon’s international name is a Filipino word “Hagupit” which aptly means something close to lashing, like the lashing the storm is going to give when it hits the archipelago.

Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit as of December 5, 2 PM (courtesy of k’s weather)

What amplifies the anxiety over this typhoon is that there seems to be an uncertainty as to what path it will hit. Local forecasting agency PAGASA says it would pass through Visayas like Yolanda did but other meteorological agencies project it may shift direction, hit eastern Luzon before it goes to Japan.

Either scenario, Metro Manila is expected to feel the effects of the storm by next week, possibly Monday. As to how much it will affect the metropolis will depend on the track of the typhoon in the coming days.

That being said, the unpredictability of this storm should warrant extra precaution and preparedness on the part of the government and on the people.

Let us hope and pray for the meantime for the best that this will not ruin our Christmas this year.


Meanwhile, do check out the news for the latest updates on Typhoon Ruby/Hagupit. In addition, the Urban Roamer recommends you check out the Facebook page k’s weather and more which IMO provides the most comprehensive and easy to understand weather updates 

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