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Bloggys 2015: The Urban Roamer Needs YOU!

It is with great pride and honor to announce to you all that the Urban Roamer has been chosen as one of the nominees for the first ever Bloggys awards to be held on November 21. 2015.

And what is the Bloggys you may ask? It is a prestigious event that seeks to honor the finest bloggers in the country. Yes, it’s that big.

As such, the Urban Roamer will be facing some very, very tough competition, especially coming from those who are bloggers that I look up and respect to. It’s hard to be in competition with them, I know.

And to be honest, I have no pretensions of winning this. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to put up a fight. And I want to put up one hell of a fight for this.

That is why I need your help, dear readers, followers, and supporters of the Urban Roamer.

If you have been entertained and managed to learn a thing or two here for the past 6 years or so, now is the time to show your support.

Fellow roamers, kindly go to this link and cast your vote for the Urban Roamer by clicking on the checkbox beside the blog.

Then fill out your name, email address, mobile number and click vote via Facebook.

The system only allows voting once. So it is important to make your vote count! And the Urban Roamer needs a lot of it.

Also, there might be changes in the process of voting, in any case this will be edited accordingly.

Deadline for voting is October 31, so vote and ask anyone you know to vote for the Urban Roamer as well!

Again, vote the Urban Roamer for Bloggys 2015 here. Your support is highly appreciated.

Thank you, and wish this Roamer luck!

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