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Blogapalooza 2014: A Field Report (Part 1)

Blogapalooza 2014 just happened last October 11 at the SMX Convention Center Taguig at SM Aura, and the Urban Roamer was fortunate to be there for the 2nd year in a row.  You can check out here my field report from last year.

This year saw a bigger venue, with more exhibitors showcasing their products, offers, and what have you to various bloggers. Congratulations are in order to Vince Golangco and folks at When In Manila for yet another successful holding of Blogapalooza this year and here’s hoping next year’s event would be as fun, if not even more fun than this year’s.

Vince Golangco of When In Manila

There is so much to talk about in this year’s Blogapalooza. May this report be a useful guide with what was in store that day.


Hunger was no problem at Blogapalooza as there were free food treats in store for the guests. Yellow Cab was there to give out free big slices of their pizzas. No further words needed.

Krispy Kreme also gave away some free doughnuts. As was Chef’s Noodle giving samples of what looked like Korean sush.

Chips Ahoy was there to introduce two new flavors of their well-loved chocolate chip cookies: the mint chocolate chip and root beer float flavors. (I personally loved the root beer float flavored ones)

Chooks To Go was also at there to give out some free chicken…that is if you get to be successful in one of the games they have prepared in their booth.

Being a pasta-lover, my pasta-lovin’ heart was all a giddy seeing the House of Lasagna there, giving out free samples of their delightful lasagna and some gift certificates too to boot.

Also making their presence that day was the newest venture from the folks behind Vikings: a more luxury of buffet dining called Niu, which comes from the Norse word for nine, as in cloud nine which the folks of Niu say is the feeling when one gets to dine there. As it is, the pricing is also on the premium side as well.


Some businesses were there to promote some interesting destination in the metropolis and outside of it. One of them is Ace Water Spa, which now also operates a hotel, buffet restaurant, and a KTV joint at their complex in Pasig. I have yet to try their other services, but I have been at the spa and I’ve come to love it.

Also there at the event is Victoria Court. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, and the folks there don’t seem to hide the “adult” nature of their place. But to their credit, they have made an effort in making them more interesting, thanks to their themed rooms that would make one feel like in Asgard, the Oval Office, or wherever.

Outside Manila, View Park Hotel Tagaytay as a place you should consider staying when you’re in Tagaytay as it has gotten some favorable reviews so far. In addition, the hotel has a new campaign called “Explore Tagaytay” which invites hotel visitors to savor the sights and sounds of this city.

Another exhibitor at the event giving out some freebies is Easy Taxi, AKA GrabTaxi’s competitor. I have yet to try their service, though I must say their app interface seems to be nicer and friendlier.

If ever you feel lost as to where to eat, there is Zomato, a leading online service which shows you not only which restaurants and bars are nearby but also get to see the establishment’s menus and reviews from fellow users. Zomato is available online and on mobile as well.

signing up and joining some contests at the Zomato booth for a chance to win some prizes

And if you found the restaurant you wish to dine at, you can make the reservation via the service introduced at the event called Eat Out ManilaWith this app, users can not only make table reservations but also check out the establishment’s menu and add some details to the reservation as well.

To be continued

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