Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (the book sale, that is)

Longtime friends and followers should already know how much of a bookworm the Urban Roamer is. Though perhaps not as avid as others but a bookworm still the same, as evidenced by never failing to miss the annual Manila International Book Fair.

Thus you can imagine this guy’s excitement when it was announced that a big book sale was coming up in February. What made it more exciting is the fact that it offers a premise unlike any other sale event held here thus far: a 10-day event that is open 24 hours.

Yes, 24 hours. As in no closing times.

This is the unique concept of Big Bad Wolf book sale, a one of a kind book sale event that is being held in the country for the first time. It has actually been around quite a while, having made itself first known in 2009, when it was launched in Malaysia. While the name :”Big Bad Wolf” seems odd for an event like this, the people behind chose the name due to the appeal these words have on kids and adults alike who are familiar with the story of the big bad wolf and the 3 little pigs.

Since then, the Big Bad Wolf has been going around places in Asia, from Sri Lanka to Indonesia, as its book sale events have become must-visit events. Now it has made its way into the country and thus far, Filipinos are falling in love with the Big Bad Wolf too.

Personally, I think one major factor as to why this sale has become quite popular is the fact that it is a 24/10 event. And for a metropolis that is facing traffic woes and a sizable population working on evening and graveyard shifts, an event like this is a welcome relief. With no traffic or time to mind, one can go there at anytime and can expect so many books on sale anytime.

And speaking of many, Big Bad Wolf offers a million books on sale. And from the look of things, that is no joke. The whole area of World Trade Center Metro Manila is transformed into a literal book haven of various titles and genres. As for the price, you can find lots of titles as low as P100+. You can even find various coffee table books for as low as P300+. Really good bargains there.

It must be noted though that many of the books on sale at Big Bad Wolf are published between 2000+2014. If you are looking for some new titles, tough luck. Otherwise, the titles themselves are interesting for one to pick up and read on. But if you are looking for Philippine tities though, unfortunately they are not offering any, at least for this sale.

Those aren’t wine bottles; those are actual books in the form of wine bottles

That is, after all, the purpose of Big Bad Wolf. To entice more people to read, something that needs to be emphasized as Filipinos are said to be not really voracious in reading. At the same time, such an event is boost for print as it provides an incentive that will entice people to pick up a physical book and read.

The Big Bad Wolf book sale is still ongoing until Sunday, February 25 at 11:59 PM. So if you haven’t done so, check them out at the World Trade Center Metro Manila while you can. As an event that is open 10-days straight, finding time for it should not be that difficult.

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