BGC’s Track 30th: A Fitness Park In The City

One : of the perils of urbanization is the shrinking area being left available for open, green spaces where one can keep fit, unwind, or do whatever that you cannot afford to do in cramped concrete spaces. Unfortunately, some urban planners and developers tend to forget this aspect when they make their masterplans, thus denying these places of some breathing space.

Fortunately, it is not all a bleak scenario out there. Let this entry cite one such example, found in the midst of the bustling and ever-growing commercial-business district of Bonifacio Global City located in Taguig. (for now at least)

Sandwiched right between the shopping area of Bonifacio High street and the high-rise buildings along the stretch of 32nd Street is a patch of green and open space specially dedicated as a fitness park called Track 30th.

The park features a paved jogging path, a loop of about 310 meters in length that goes around the park filled with open green spaces and some trees serving as natural shade in the day.

Apart from the jogging path, there are other facilities available in the park that help in your fitness goals, like these posts which also serve as platforms to do exercises or even to sit or park your bicycle.

Even if you’re not a fitness buff, the park is a good place to relax by yourself or with others early in the morning or even at night, thanks to the open space available in this park. Despite its location, there is minimal vehicular traffic in the area so there’s no great worry of possible pollution brought about by passing vehicles.

Track 30th is open from 6 AM to 10 PM daily. Do check it out when you’re in the area and need a place to unwind or do a quick jog or exercise. After all, being fit and healthy is of great importance in our lives.

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