Coworking In The City: A Space Greenbelt

Sometime last year, I have made the transition from being an office employee to a freelancer. It was a crazy ride, to say the least. And I actually wrote about it, so check it out here to find out how it was for me. The timing of this transition is an interesting one I should say. As more and more people are embracing becoming freelancers, there has been a growth in demand in recent years for what are called coworking spaces, where freelancers like myself and startups can have a place where they can work while not having to worry about the huge rental rates, among others, that regular office spaces demand. At the same time, these spaces have become hubs for collaboration, growth, and even networking among startups and freelancers who form communities in these spaces.

As a salute of sorts to the freelancers and startups who are the driving force of this new economy and the places where they thrive, the Urban Roamer is proud to present this series “Coworking in the City.” This will be a feature you will see here on the site from time to time about the various coworking spaces around Metro Manila and what they offer, plus my admittedly impressions which you don’t have to take my word for. So if you are a budding freelancer, just set up a startup company, or maybe even considering doing either, may this series serve as an inspiration of sorts as you begin your journey.

Okay, I’ve said too much so we shall begin the first edition of this series with a visit to one of the more popular coworking spaces in the city: A Space Greenbelt.

Located right across Greenbelt 5 of Ayala Center, A Space Greenbelt is purported to be the leading coworking space in the metro, partly because of the wide area and lots of things going on not just about the people who are coworking there but also the events being held in its spacious events space as well. More on that later.

A Space is actually part of the A Space network of coworking spaces, which currently operate 4 spaces in total as of this writing: A Space Greenbelt, _Palet along Makati’s Chino Roces Avenue, (AKA the Pasong Tamo Extension area) _Studio at Bonifacio Global City, as well as one in Cebu called A Space Cebu. For the record, I have yet to visit the Chino Roces and BGC A Space venues at this time of writing but I hope to check them out one of these days.

The main hub though is A Space Greenbelt, with a whopping 2000 sqm area that is home to many startups and freelancers who work here each day. A Space categorizes their spaces into 4 types: the Lounge which is for freelancers who would like to drop by the place to work from time to time and can work anywhere in the area, the Cowork Club for those who would be doing their work their regularly and thus need a desk of their own at least, (ideal for those with their own teams) HQ which are the private office spaces, and Lab which is catered for specialists with their temporary or more long-term needs.

Apart from the work space, A Space Greenbelt has meeting spaces as well, a large kitchen for culinary events and a wide events space venue for exhibits, meetings, or other functions.

Because of these amenities, it is no surprise that the rates are quite expensive compared to other venues. Then again, A Space has much to offer for freelancers and startups. Not to mention of its aforementioned location which can be considered a location other offices are dying to have. (AKA having the mall just across the street) But if you’re on a budget, there are other good coworking alternatives you can check out at lower rates.

For more information on A Space Greenbelt, check out their website at and make a visit one of these days.

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