A Heritage Mapping Volunteer’s Postscript

After one year of serving as a volunteer for the Wikimedia Philippines Heritage Mapping Project, my tenure has officially ended last May 1.

To say the least, it has been a wild ride (especially towards latter half of my run) in which I have learned some new things and gained new insights that are both good and bad. Pardon me if I’ll be waxing some nostalgia in this piece from time to time. Continue reading


The Philippine Heritage Mapping Workshop and the 1st WikiExpedition in Manila

It was a fulfilling, though tiring and sleep-deprived 3 days from May 2-4 at the Wikimedia Philippines Cultural Heritage Mapping workshop that I was fortunate and privileged to attend.  My thanks again to the people of Wikimedia Philippines, especially the people behind the Philippine Cultural Heritage Mapping project headed by Joel Aldor, for organizing this 1st ever workshop event.


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