A Photography Party and an Art Fair in a Park: A Recap of Last Weekend’s Events

Last weekend was a busy one as far as events were concerned with two of the most highly-anticipated annual events happening in the city. The Urban Roamer was not one to miss checking out those two events as these events are about some of the things that are close to this roamer’s heart. More about these events and the highlights after the break. Continue reading


Sining Saysay: Art and History at Gateway Tower

History can be such a challenging thing to discuss as it requires an understanding of beyond knowing the dates, places, and events that figured in the past. As our elders would say, we cannot move forward to the future if we do not look back at our past.

That is why any medium that helps people understand our history even a little better is very much welcome. Which is what the recently-opened exhibit at the Gateway Tower in Araneta Center, Cubao called Sining Saysay aimed to accomplished.

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Art Fair Philippines 2015

As February has been designated as National Arts Month, it is that time of year again for art events galore to grace the metropolis’ events scene. One of those events would be a recent art month favorite, the Art Fair Philippines which is now on its 3rd year.

Held from February 5 to 8, the event transformed the upper levels of The Link Carpark Building into two leveled art fair cum art gallery as various artists and art galleries from around the metro made their presence with some new artwork this year.

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Checked Out: Art Fair Philippines 2014

Beginning with this post, as part of the changes with the new Urban Roamer site, there will be a new semi-regular feature here which I would like to call ”Checked Out,” in which we “checked out” various events happening around the metro like exhibits, trade fairs, concerts, fiestas, whatever interesting event that comes our way

Not many people now that every February, apart from Valentines, the Philippines also celebrates National Arts Month. During this time, one can expect a lot of events and activities aimed to promote Filipino arts, whether it may be visual arts, literature, cinema, music, theater, dance, or architecture.

One of these events is the private initiative known as Art Fair Philippines. Now on its 2nd year, it aims to support modern and contemporary Philippine visual art, showcasing its vibrance, as well as the talents of our artists in front of a growing audience, based both locally and internationally as well.


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A Day At The National Museum (Part 1: the National Art Gallery)

I wish I could say that museums in the Philippines are as well-visited as museums in the countries. The fact is sadly, museums here are not much promoted as destinations to be visited by locals and tourists. Yes, for some reason, some travel books and sites about the Philippines do not emphasize that visiting a museum here is a must-do.

Do Filipinos couldn’t care less about museums and the things being showcased there? Do they generally find museums boring compared to malls and beaches? Do some think our museums here suck? While I have no answer to the first 2 questions, I must say that the answer to the 3rd question is a definite no. Sure, the country does not have museums as stunning and rich as those in Europe but that does not mean we do not have anything worthy to showcase. If you wish to see what I mean, try to pay a visit to the country’s premier museum, the National Museum.

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