Travel Madness and Breakfast Wellness

Last weekend was a busy one as the SMX Convention Center hosted yet another big travel fair event, the Travel Madness Expo, while up north at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall is another event being held which is the Nestle Wellness Expo

Some of the highlights of these events can be found after the break.

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Checked Out: 2015’s Pasinaya and Travel Tour Expo

It was such a busy weekend recently and it was not just because of the Valentine season. Two major events were happening that the Urban Roamer decided to check out in one day which was last February 15. So you can imagine how tiring it was, but it was worth it seeing so much and enjoying the sights along the way. Read on to check my full report. Continue reading


Visit Bohol 2015 at Glorietta

I’ve been to Bohol almost 4 years ago, and it was an unforgettable experience having been able to visit the province’s many places of interest that show the diversity it offers. I have very fond memories of Bohol, and I’m sure others who were fortunate to visit the place would agree as well. Thus it was unfortunate to have learned then how Bohol suffered from that strong earthquake in 2013 which took about 200 lives, destroyed some of its infrastructure and heritage structures,  and heavily damaged other structures as well.

In the midst of limited resources, rehabilitation and reconstruction work goes on in Bohol. For the meantime, the province is eager to show that it can rise from calamities and is enticing visitors to come and visit not only to see the beauty of Bohol but also to revitalize tourism in the province which would be of help to the local economy as well.

It was these goals in mind that the Bohol Provincial Government launched the program “Visit Bohol 2015” recently with a 3-day Bohol Travel Expo at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati last January 9-11. Continue reading


Remembering Susan Calo-Medina

In the realm of Philippine travel journalism, Susan Calo-Medina is an institution, so to speak.

(courtesy of Behance)

Long before the influx of travel programs and channels, travel magazines, and those countless travel websites and blogs like this one, she was one of those pioneering spirits who went out of her way to visit almost every point in the Philippines and show to us the rich sights and sounds the country has to offer. And for a generation or so of Filipinos who grew up watching her on Travel Time or on Tipong Pinoy with Wency Cornejo, Susan served as a gateway for us to discover and be inspired by the country’s beauty and diversity for the first time.

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Philippine Travel Mart 2014

We are often reminded that we should not be foreign to our native land, (translated from the local saying “huwag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan”) emphasizing the importance of being able to at least appreciate the sights and sounds that our country has to offer. While it is pretty much a given that needs no prodding, we tend to be either overwhelmed or unaware as to what is there to see in the country.

Thanks to events like the recently-concluded Philippine Travel Mart, we get to know a bit more about these different sights and sounds, providing an opportunity for us to experience them ourselves thanks to the numerous travel deals being offered during the event.

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