Thank You FlipTrip!

Last Wednesday, your Urban Roamer was at A Space Manila for what is known as a “travel meetup” organized by the cool folks at FlipTrip. It was an opportunity for this self-confessed travel bug to meet up and network with fellow travel bugs and perhaps pick an idea or two for my next trip.

Admittedly, I haven’t been to as much adventures as I wanted to due to stuff that has happened in my life recently. But now that everything seems to have settled down, I am ready to go to more places in the future. And this time, with some company since traveling solo all these years can be dull and hurts on my budget too much, hehe.

Truth be told, this was actually the second time I’ve been at a FlipTrip event as I went to a travel meetup held last December. But I would say this second meetup I’ve been to is more memorable, for reasons I’ll be detailing in a bit. Continue reading