Beyond the Mass Transit: The (Planned) Alternative Transport Options for Metro Manila

I don’t know what’s with this particular time of year, but so much news has been going out about plans for more public transportation options for an increasingly-congested metropolis. Something that is more than welcome if only to help alleviate the worsening traffic situation on the streets.

Given the propensity these days of the government to make press releases that they are planning this and that, (just so they can have a “legacy” to leave behind before the end of their term in two years time) let us keep in mind that for now, they are just that: plans. Until we see something built, even a little component of it, it is best to not keep those hopes up yet.  Nevertheless, we can talk a bit about them based on what we know so far, something the Urban Roamer will be doing in this particular entry. Continue reading


An Open Letter to the “Transport Caravan” Protesters

Dear Transport Caravan Protesters:

You may not know me personally…or maybe you do if you’ve watched some TV a few years ago. But that’s not what I’m driving at. I am first and foremost a commuter, a commuter who has long availed of public transport that you folks provide so I can go to work or some place I need to go to.

the inconvenience caused by the “transport caravan” protesters (image courtesy of Rappler)

I understand that today, a number of you chose not to service commuters like me because you are fighting against what you perceive as an unjust policy to be implemented by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) that will raise penalties for colorum (without franchise) vehicles. I suppose you believe in this cause so much that you paralyzed public transport leaving thousands like myself stranded for more than an hour due to the scarcity of available public transportation. Good job there, guys. Good job. Continue reading