Library Roaming: The Ortigas Foundation Library

Part of being a possible volunteer for the Wikimedia Philippines’ Philippine Heritage Mapping project is the research work that needs to be done not only to gather information on the landmark you will be writing about in Wikipedia, but also finding the sources of such information that can be used as a solid foundation of sorts for that article in the sense that those sources that will be cited are reliable and thus, verifiable.

In the course of such research that I have been doing, I found myself visiting again a haunt that I sometimes visit during my student days, the Ortigas Foundation Library.

Ortigas Bldg

the Ortigas Foundation Library is located on the 2nd floor of the Ortigas Bldg. at the corner of Ortigas and Meralco Avenues.

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the Metro Manila City/Town Name Guide

There are questions that are not asked often but never fail to make heads scratch whenever they are asked. One of them being “how did this place get its name?”

Today, we will attempt to answer this question with regards to the origins behind the names of the cities and town (yes, as in one town) that comprise Metropolitan Manila. Some of the information that will be shared here may be of common knowledge to some, but it is still worth knowing. Who knows, you may be asked about in in a game show or something. 😉

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Some quick love in the city: Pasig’s “motel row”

True to the “mission” of The Urban Roamer’s Journal, this blog strives to document whatever sight the metropolis has to offer. That means documenting even those places that can be considered “offensive” to one’s moral and religious feelings and risk being jailed. Then again, my “offensive” post from two years back about the “motel row” in Santa Mesa earned the distinction to be the second most read entry in the blog. Due to the popularity and the clamor, the Urban Roamer is “pressed” to write this year’s edition for my “Some quick love in the city.”

It’s the Valentine season once more, and for this occasion, this roamer finds himself at another popular “motel row” in the metropolis, located at the hilly terrains of Pasig City.

Pasig motel row

the “Pasig motel row” neighborhood

To be precise, this area straddles along the barangays of Oranbo and Bagong Ilog, Pasig’s commercially-thriving barangays. Yet despite the growing bustling activity, it is still largely a quiet neighborhood that serves as refuge from the frenzy of the urban jungle, particularly the busy commercial-business district of Ortigas Center located right next door.


With the environment and the topography taken into consideration, I suppose there should be no doubt why this part of Pasig seems to be a favored place for businesses like hotels/motels to set up their establishments here. It could be argued that the Pasig motels have a bit more “prestige” compared to its Santa Mesa counterparts, thanks to the presence of not one, but two motels belonging to a popular and quite prestigious motel chain.

Other than that, the businesses here follow the same formula as its competitors in the Santa Mesa area: promoting through bold letters in their advertisements while offering a certain level of privacy to its guests, whatever their guests have in mind to stay for a while in their establishments.





It’s also good to know that despite the not-so-positive perception on motel establishments, the establishments here strive to put a positive spin to their image by offering something different for its customers. Whether it is through offering themed rooms which can be used for parties and other social events or through its menu, the motel we know is striving to go beyond perceptions and hopefully become more known than just a place for short stay regardless of the intents involved.

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A disputed boundary: the case of Pasig and Cainta

Boundary disputes are never fun. They are a source of so much mess and confusion, not only between the contesting parties of the dispute, but also among residents and visitors, myself included. Such is the case of the issue going on between the city of Pasig in Metro Manila and the town of Cainta in the province of Rizal.

The area at stake is actually a very large tract of prime real estate that is thriving with commercial and residential activity, covering the residential villages of Karangalan Village (East) and Cainta Greenpark Village, the V.V. Soliven Commercial Center, and the Sta. Lucia Mall.

Pasig Cainta dispute

the disputed area marked in black

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the modern Pasig City Center

So much has changed in Pasig in recent years, especially since it attained cityhood in 1995. The Pasig City Center itself should give the visitor a glimpse of those changes that affected the cityscape’s nature.



Of course not everything has been a smooth ride to development, so to speak. The onslaught of the typhoon Ondoy in 2009 which submerged significant parts of the city in high floods was no simple bump on the road but something which drastically changed the course of Pasig’s development. Despite the damage Ondoy has done, one positive aspect of this calamity was that it provided an opportunity for the city to realign its development program in a more environmentally-sustainable thrust. The city center itself is a showcase also of the city’s drive towards green development Continue reading