At the House of Precast

Many of us may not know what the word “precast” means or what it’s about, but its importance in the shaping of the urban landscape that we know today cannot be emphasized well enough. We may not know it, but the sights we see in our city from the classical monuments to the columnar designs to the ornamental details of edifices, they all have precast figured into their designs.


But apologies for getting myself go further without explaining what precast is about. Anyway, it is defined as a material, usually of concrete or plaster, that is cast in a mold to be brought to a site for installation. Precast comes in many forms, the more common perhaps would be what is called “ornamental precast” which is used primarily as a decoration element with organic or geometric designs.


Ornamental precast in itself is something that requires skill and artistry that has to be done by skilled hands and not left to modern automated methods that are employed in many fields today. Luckily, there are a few that still specialize in creating and installing works made in ornamental precast. In the Philippines, one name stands out as the oldest and one of the leading (if not the leading) craft house that specialize in it. Its name speaks for itself: the House of Precast.


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