The Mystery of Manuel…Solved

As shameful for someone known as the Urban Roamer would admit, I have not been going out much or perhaps I was noticing those mysterious billboards that have popped up in the last month.

courtesy of the blog Woman In Digital

I’m referring to those billboards bearing the message “Maghihintay Ako…Manuel” (I’ll be waiting… Manuel) and the details “May 22, 2015” and “EDSA Shangri-La Hotel.”

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The Saga of MLQU

Firstly, a disclosure: the Urban Roamer is an alumnus of the Manuel L. Quezon University. Technically, I only studied there for 2 1/2 years as a transfer student (long story) but considering this is the school from which I graduated, I suppose the MLQU aspect of my college education should weigh a bit more.

Thus, my interest gets piqued with any news that comes my way about my alma mater, like the one I will be sharing later on in this post. But before we go further, I suppose this is a good opportunity as well to talk about this underrated institution in the heart of Manila.

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