A Renewed Rizal Experience at the Fort Santiago Rizal Shrine

If you have not been to Fort Santiago, in particular the Rizal Shrine located within its premises, you may want to schedule a trip there one of these days. Even if you have been there before, you may want to pay a visit there again.

This is because the Rizal Shrine has recently undergone a renovation of its interior set-up, giving the shrine a much-needed makeover and its visitors a new, different insight into learning about Jose Rizal, his life, works, and deeds that made him a National Hero.

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Thank you DMCI!

This Heritage Month, let us all not forget to thank the benevolent property developer DMCI for their pricely contributions to the landscape of Rizal Park.

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A Path to Martyrdom: Rizal in Fort Santiago

Today, the nation marks the 112th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Philippines’ National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. (technically, he is not officially declared a national hero, but that’s another story) As it is during Rizal Day, many will surely commemorate this day by a visit Rizal Park or any of the Rizal-related places and shrines throughout the country, one of them surely would be the Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago.

Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago

Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago


This Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago used to be barracks of the soldiers who were stationed in the old Spanish fortification of Fort Santiago. Today, it is a quaint little museum that is home to some Rizal memorabilia like his writings, art works, clothes, even a portion of his skull. Continue reading


Rizal Park, Part 4: the Rizal element

Of course, no trip to Rizal Park would be complete without a visit to the main attraction of the park, none other than the Rizal Monument itself. While this monument serves to represent the greatness of the country’s national hero, it is also a symbol of the way things work in the country, of how plans don’t turn out the way they’re supposed to be, for the better or otherwise.


As I mentioned some posts ago, the Americans when they gazed upon what was then Bagumbayan Field already saw it as a potential center of the burgeoning power of the United States in the Philippines. And with Burnham’s vision of a “Manila Beautiful” set on the drawing board at least in 1905, the US colonial government was determined make that dream of Manila’s National Mall into reality. The first order of business is getting what would be Manila’s counterpart Washington monument for this planned Manila National Mall. Continue reading


Rizal Park, Part 1: Beginning at Bagumbayan

This Holiday season, and also in commemoration of this year being the 150th birth year anniversary of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, the Urban Roamer pays tribute to Rizal and the ever popular metropolitan destination, especially this season, named after him

Unless there are any disputes to this, (of which I am certain are just few and not that significant) there is no doubt that Manila’s number 1 tourist attraction would be the Rizal Park. In fact, Rizal Park is seen by some as what Manila is all about. While this perception may be unfair to the rich landscape the city has to offer, for good or ill, its popularity as Manila’s top destination among locals and tourists alike has made the park inextricably linked to the city, a showcase of what’s good and not so good of the city and the country as a whole encapsulated in its 50-hectare area. In a way, Rizal Park is Manila’s equivalent to New York City’s Central Park, only with a Statue of Liberty of sorts.


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