Roaming Pateros (Part 1: A Duck-Raisers Town)

In the midst of rapidly urbanized Metro Manila, Pateros is one of those places that are considered an “anomaly,” if that is the correct word to put it. For one, Pateros is, at this time of writing, the only remaining municipality in the metropolis.  Then there is its land area, the smallest for a city/town in Metro Manila at 2.25 square kilometers, which itself is a factor as to why any cityhood plans for this town is a challenge. (those vying to become cities should at least have a land area of 100 square kilometers)

Pateros Municipal Hall

Perhaps because of these factors, Pateros still exudes a small town charm that has managed to withstand the rapid urbanization in the metropolis, especially the areas surrounding it.  Nevertheless, it is nice to see such a town that has managed to maintain and somehow preserve its own character. Of course, when one speaks of its character, the first thing that comes to mind are the ducks and those balut and penoy eggs raised there. The town’s name itself stresses its heritage as a duck-raising community. Continue reading