Mabini150: An Introduction

On July 23*, the Philippines will commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of one of the leading intellectuals who played a vital role in the Philippine Revolution, notably for his role as president of the cabinet in the revolutionary government, and Philippine history. That man is Apolinario Mabini, also as the “sublime paralytic” (which sounds too awkward and politically incorrect today) and “brains of the revolution.” (which pertains more to him being one of the revolution’s leading intellectuals rather than the one who masterminded the revolution itself)

the official logo of the Mabini150 commemoration (courtesy of designwagen)

In honor of this esteemed, if somewhat overlooked, figure in our history on this particular milestone, the Urban Roamer is dedicating a series of stories related to the man whose ideals still resonate today. But before anything else, I suppose it would be apt by starting this off by finding out a bit more about his life and his legacy, shedding light behind the tagline of this commemoration as “talino at paninindigan.” (intelligence and integrity) Continue reading