The Pasig River Ferry: A Different Commuting Experience

It is with great honor to announce that the Urban Roamer has contributed his first piece for the popular site When In Manila!

And for this one, the roamer talks about the commuting experience riding the Pasig River Ferry, the excerpt of which can be found below:

Ever since the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) reopened the Pasig River ferry service to the public last April, I have heard some mixed reactions about the service – some were good and some were bad.

Negatives aside, I was still curious to experience what commuting via the Pasig River ferry was like. Fortunately, as I was in the vicinity of Guadalupe one afternoon, I decided to take the Pasig River ferry all the way to Intramuros and get the feel of the service for myself.

The fare itself costs about P50, (from Guadalupe to Plaza Mexico in Intramuros) riding in a tugboat type of fleet. The trip itself took about almost an hour – kinda lengthy compared to the trains and other land-based vehicles that we have (that is, if there is no heavy traffic). However, the journey itself is a relatively smooth one.



Estero de San Miguel Reborn

The success of a gargantuan task such as cleaning up a major river lies on how well its tributaries have been rehabilitated and cleaned up. It is good to know that the current efforts of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) takes that lesson to heart as they take on the huge task of dealing with the metropolis’ esteros.

That is no easy task, and there is still a long way to go. But there have been a few success stories that should serve as a reason to be optimistic in all this. like what the PRRC, the Metro Manila Development Authority, (MMDA) and partner organizations have done to one of Manila’s major waterways, the Estero de San Miguel.

Estero de San Miguel

Estero de San Miguel

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Welcome Back, Pasig River Ferry

Today, Manila is all abuzz for two things happening today: the arrival of US President Barack Obama and the reopening of operations of the Pasig River Ferry service. The Urban Roamer will deal with the highlights of the Obama visit as it happens but right now, we will be dealing with today’s reopening of the Pasig River Ferry service in this entry. Continue reading


That (stinking) San Juan River

With the ongoing efforts to clean up the city’s rivers and waterways, one waterway that perhaps needed to be given more attention to is the San Juan River.

san juan river

Known as one of the tributaries of the Pasig River (Metro Manila’s main waterway) the San Juan River traverses all the way up north in Quezon City (marked by the purplish ink on the map above) It also serves as a natural boundary for a part of eastern Manila, northwest Mandaluyong, west San Juan, and part of southwestern Quezon City. Continue reading