QCX: Appreciating Quezon City Anew

The Urban Roamer has long been a supporter of efforts to showcase and educate local history and culture, sharing the belief that one would be able to better appreciate national history and culture through learning and understanding local history and culture.

While other provinces, cities, and towns have made laudable efforts to promote the learning of local history and culture, sadly not much attention has been given in promoting the history and culture of Metropolitan Manila, to be specific that of the cities and town comprising this region. Something that can be attributed to the fact that such local identities are obscured by national identity being the capital of the country.

Nevertheless, there are bright spots to see in this situation, notable among them is the effort of the Quezon City Government to build a place where everyone can learn more about the city through its newly-opened museum, the QCX.

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Kamuning Bakery and Cafe: Come On In At A Beloved Neighborhood Bakery

Right at that heart of Barangay Kamuning, part of the old Quezon City, lies what is perhaps now the most famous bakery in the city, and undeniably one of the country’s most famous bakeries that is not a bakeshop chain. It has gotten a lot of buzz in recent years thanks to heavy social media promotion. (more on that in a bit) So much that some, mainly from those who have been there, are skeptical about the hype being generated.

But here at the Urban Roamer, we go beyond the hype and check things for ourselves. So today,we shall be checking out the Kamuning Bakery and Cafe and see what it has to offer, beyond the buzz it has created.

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Himlayang Pilipino: A Memorial Dedicated to the Filipino Spirit

This is an entry that should have been done a week before. But due to prior commitments and other matters I had to postpone it. But since it is still a month of remembrance of the departed, better late than never in sharing this particular entry.

As a post-All Saints Day entry, the Urban Roamer decided to check out a cemetery as it is a yearly tradition here. This year, we went up deep in Quezon City to visit the vast memorial park known for its patriotic Filipino flair, the Himlayang Pilipino Memorial Park.

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Remembering the Scouts

Recently, the nation and the Boy Scouts not only in the Philippines but also elsewhere around the world commemorated perhaps one of the most tragic stories in the annals of Boy Scout history. It was to commemorate that fateful day on July 28, 1963 when Flight 869 of United Arab Airlines, (the precursor of today’s EgyptAir) en route to Greece for the 11th World Jamboree of the international Boy Scouts, crashed into the sea off the coast of a village called Madh, near Mumbai (Bombay as it was known before) in India.

the Philippine Boy Scout contingent as they leave for the 11th World Jamboree (photo courtesy of Video 48)

The flight killed all 63 people on the plane, including the captain, crew, and the 24-member Philippine contingent that were to attend the 11th World Jamboree. It was believed that the plane crashed due to the loss of control during the turbulence it experienced in mid-air. But as no wreckage was salvaged, the report remained ain inconclusive one.

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Remembering the “CASAA”

Whenever we think of the vast campus of the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman, a flurry of images and landmarks would come to mind, with the Oblation of course being number one on the list. But for generations of students and visitors in the campus, one beloved landmark that is close to heart would be the little canteen behind Benton Hall and Lagmay Hall (formerly Palma Hall Annex) known as the CASAA Food Center.

Thus, it was heartbreaking to hear that last June 13, the place was gutted by a huge fire which also injured 2 people. The event provoked an outcry of sadness and emotion among the UP community and beyond.

aftermath of the fire (photo courtesy of the Inquirer)

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