Marikorea: Marikina’s Korean War Memorial

Apart from the recent US Presidential Elections, another hot topic these days is the controversy behind the Supreme Court decision and the sudden burial of the late and controversial President Ferdinand Marcos. And it bears repeating here that the Urban Roamer is and will not be a venue to make an opinion on a highly-charged political issue like this one, so don’t even try your luck. Nevertheless, this issue provides an opportunity to write something today about valor, forgotten valor in this particular case.

This story of forgotten valor takes us today to the hilly part of Marikina called Marikina Heights where one can find a monument to revisit and remember a forgotten chapter in the Philippines’ postwar history: its participation in the Korean War that raged from 1950-1953. Continue reading


“Kapitan Moy”: The Birthplace of Marikina Shoemaking

As you may probably know by now, (or if not…you’ll know anyway) one thing that has defined Marikina over the years is its shoemaking industry. And despite the challenges it has faced in recent years with the changing landscape of global trade being a key factor, it is an industry that has managed to survive as it strives to adapt to these changing times.

An achievement in contemporary Marikina shoemaking, manufacturing the world’s largest pair of shoes, which can be seen now at Marikina’s Riverbanks Mall

Indeed, the shoemaking industry has come a long way since it was introduced in this then sleepy rural town on the outskirts of Manila. And the growth would not have been possible without the efforts of one man, Don Laureano Guevara, popularly known as “Kapitan Moy.” Continue reading


A Marikina Food Trip Adventure: Some Restos of Downtown Marikina

Previously, the Urban Roamer introduced you to some of the native delicacies of the city known as the country’s shoemaking capital, Marikina. Now, we visit some of the restaurants in the downtown area that have given the city a distinct taste (pun intended) as far as dining choices are concerned. My thanks to Rence Chan and Jonathan Blaza for organizing this intimate food trip recently that I was fortunate to join.

Some of these restaurants managed to create their own identities in the process, making them such beloved dining places among the city’s residents and even beyond as Marikina is becoming a favorite food haunt. Continue reading


A Marikina Food Trip Adventure: Discovering Marikina’s Delicacies

As far as food trips are concerned, Marikina is one of those overlooked gastronomic havens in the metropolis. Overlooked and understated that it is not confined to just a small part of the city.

Thus, doing a Marikina food trip can be such a challenge but to at least get acquainted with its culinary culture, one of the few places in the metropolis that has managed to create and preserve such. I was fortunately to recently join a food trip around the city center area to discover what Marikina has to offer. Continue reading


A model market for the metropolis

Wet markets, especially many that are found in the Philippines, are typically characterized as cramped, disorganized, crowded, sometimes unsanitary places that few do not usually go to as a tourist spot except if you need to buy certain pasalubong (take-home) items that are only found there.


Thus, it is a fresh breath of air to see a public market place such as the Marikina Public Market area also known as the Marikina Market Mall, purported to be the cleanest wet market in the metropolis, not to mention one of the biggest as well in terms of area.

PC299018 Continue reading