Checked Out: Franchise and Business Expo 2016

The Urban Roamer may not be an expert on entrepreneurship, nor would be considered a business expert. Nevertheless, the roamer believes in the importance of entrepreneurship as a tool in helping realize that dream of a better future for oneself and their families, as well as for the economic development of the country in the process. In fact, entrepreneurship is a field I am seriously looking into venture somewhere down the road.

For the meantime, while I have yet to have the knowledge and the funds to get started, the least one can do right is to visit trade fairs that promote entrepreneurship and learn some new trends and cool ideas in the process. Last weekend’s Franchise and Business Expo 2016 was an opportunity for me to do so.

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Book Fair Roaming: Manila International Book Fair 2016

It’s that time of the year again! The Urban Roamer has once again made its way at the Manila International Book Fair. Would you believe this is already the 37th edition of this event?

As can be expected of such events, the venue (which again is the SMX Convention Center) is packed with a lot of visitors coming in to check out the titles being sold and the new titles being introduced. Unlike last year, there were no trends to watch out for in this year’s MIBF. At least that’s from this roamer’s perspective. Still there were many interesting things to see in the recent MIBF that still makes it a must-visit trade fair every year.

So what was to see in the recent Manila International Book Fair? Let’s take a look at some of the highlights after the break

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A Postscript to Toycon 2016

The Urban Roamer may not be a full-fledged pop culture geek, but appreciates some good old pop culture stuff like comics, films, some TV shows, and toys. As such, going to such pop culture events have been such a treat to go to from time to time. One of those events is the ToyCon and the sheer amount of toys and pop culture-related merchandise and exhibits at the area from apparel to comics to the shelves and displays of varying themes.

Having been to a couple of ToyCons in the previous years at the Megatrade Hall of  SM Megamall, I’ve known very well the limitations of the venue as it could no longer accommodate the growth ToyCon has had in recent years. Thus after last year’s ToyCon, the organizers promised a bigger and better ToyCon for 2016, starting off with the announcement that it would be held at a bigger venue now, the SMX Convention Center. But did ToyCon 2016 live up to the promise? Well…

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Checked Out: World Street Food Congress 2016

There is no doubt that our country has a thriving street food culture, especially here in the metropolis. From the carts that offer cheap fishball to some filling goto sold by those streetside stalls, Filipino street food is a fascinating experience in itself.

It should be no surprise that this year’s edition of the World Street Food Congress was held here in the metropolis recently, serving as an opportunity for contemporary Filipino street food to take center stage along with the street food of other countries who participated in this special event.

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Manila Transitio: Remembering The Manila We Lost

Of all the commemorations being celebrated every February, perhaps the most overlooked is one that commemorates the Battle of Manila of 1945. Which is quite unfortunate considering how this sad and bloody chapter in the history of Manila transformed the city and the country on a macro perspective, causing destruction to so many cultural treasures in the city and death to more than 100,000 souls.

On one hand, the horror of this event may have been a factor as to why many choose to, understandably, forget what happened. On the other hand, this preference to forget is seen as the cause as to why Manila today has lost its soul in the midst of the progress and urban chaos that has adversely affected what was once known as the “Pearl of the Orient.”

It is the concern for this particular “forgetfulness” that tour guide/performance artist/cultural activist Carlos Celdran decided to hold an annual event to celebrate Manila before the war and remember the souls and treasures lost in the war called the Manila Transitio 1945, the recent being held last Saturday night at the Fort Santiago grounds. Continue reading